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  • Medieval Monk Men Costume

Medieval Monk Men Costume

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You'll be all about Monky Business.


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Medieval Monk Men Costume

Medieval Monks led an exemplary life of purity for Medieval sinners. To join a Monastery, Medieval Monks vowed to live in Poverty, to maintain Chastity, and to obey God's commandments. Needless to say, they were nearly impossible commitments for a mere mortal, but that is what made true Monks so special.

You do not live in Medieval times and you may not be ready for life altering commitments; but surely, if you landed on this page you are interested in purchasing a Medieval Monk Costume. This classic Monk Outfit is a loose fitting, brown potato sack-like robe with long sleeves, and bib style collar/capelet with an attached hood. This authentic Monk Costume includes a rope belt that is consistent with the vow of poverty, and a wig styled to help maintain the vow of chastity. The Medieval Monk Robe is available in a 'One Size Fits Most' for Men.

Please note that this Costume does not include the sandals and the cross.

Brand: Funworld Costumes

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