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Mascot & Pet Costumes

Buy Mascot Costumes at reduced prices in a fast and smooth way! Mascots are popularly used for sports games, school events, holiday celebrations and business promotions. Find affordable mascot costumes that will make any occasion special for you and your guests. Have you ever wondered why we call this type of costumes Mascots? Besides knowing the meaning of the words we use, it is fascinating to learn where they come from and how they are used. The word “mascot” comes from the French word mascotte which means fetish or lucky charm. The word was introduced not too long ago, during the 19th century by a French writer called Frédéric Mistral and was then popularized by Edmond Audran, who was the composer an operetta called La Mascotte. The story narrated in this artistic performance was about a girl who was able to bring good luck to people. La Mascotte was then translated into English and was named The Mascot. Since then, that is the word in English that is used to refer to an animal, object or person that brings good luck.

Presently, mascot costumes are used to represent groups, teams, companies and even products at important events. For example, sports mascots are meant not only to represent the team but they are also part of the entertainment and they show up at every game to generate enthusiasm and excitement among fans.

If you enjoyed watching the American comedy “Ted”, you can get the Ted Mascot Costume which will surely make you the hit of the party. If you are organizing a Christmas parade, the Santa Parade Pleaser is the mascot you were looking for. Search for Lions, Tigers, Panda Bears, Chickens, Monkeys, Horses, Rabbits and other animal mascot costumes at discounted prices!