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  •  Boys Maniac Clown Costume

Maniac Clown Boys Costume

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Straight out the straitjacket.


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Maniac Clown Boys Costume

Have you ever heard of coulrophobia- It is the phobia of Clowns. Many people find Circus Characters to be terrifying and this is only talking about regular clowns. The Maniac Clown Boys Costume takes coulrophobia to a whole new level. While most Circus Clowns are inadvertently Creepy, the Maniac Clown comes with full force to purposely terrify all those who come into contact with him.

Get your Boy suited up in a Maniac Clown Boys Costume for Halloween; it's the perfect time of the year to have a bit of a spooky edge. The name alone implies that this lunatic clown should not be roaming the streets, he should be locked in the mental ward under close supervision. His appearance alone is enough to raise the hairs on your neck. This Psycho Clown Costume comes with a black Jester like shirt with black and white stripes on the sleeves and the bottom portion of the shirt. The matching black pants are consistent with the pattern. The real defining piece of this Costume is the Glow in the Dark Mask that glows in a pattern that resembles a Skull. In light, the Maniac Clown Mask shows a demented evil grimace baring teeth. He has a reds nose and plenty of scars to show that he is no phased by a little physical confrontation. Get this horrifying clown in Boys sizes: Medium (8-10),Large (10-12) and X-Large (12-14).

Please make note: The shoes and gloves are not included.

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