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Magician Costumes

Provide awe-inspiring entertainment at your next Children's Party or don the guise of an enigmatic illusionist this Halloween with a Magician Costume! Every famous Stage Magician will tell you that the key to a great get-up is a gaudy Top Hat for pulling rabbits and doves out of! We can get you just the thing with an Oz Adult Hat Deluxe. A Hooded Adult Cape is essential for giving your outfit that air of magic and mystery.

Bend reality and space with a Magician Kids Costume! Of course, no Magician Costume is complete without an impressive bag of tricks. We've got you covered with a Great Magicians Set Magic Trick that will teach you over 75 mind-blowing tricks! The practice of stage magic can be traced back as early as Ancient Egypt, where many of the more well-known tricks originated as a way to cheat at gambling games and impress adherents of religious ceremonies. The reign of King James I of Great Britain, which sought to reignite the Medieval scourge of witch-hunts, caused the great majority of English magicians to abandon profession. The trade did not see a popular resurgence until the 18th century, when street fairs and carnivals once again became popular throughout Europe, attracting performers such as jugglers, sword-swallowers, and of course, Magicians. Harry Houdini was an immensely talented Stage Magician and Escape Artist during the early 20th century, and his name has become synonymous with anyone who is skilled at deception.

Leaf through our collection of Magician Costumes, Accessories, and Magic Tricks for more spellbinding Costume Ideas!