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Mad Hatter Costumes

Are you as mad as a hatter? Hide your craziness behind a nice Mad Hatter Halloween Costume! From Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland storybook and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, the Mad Hatter has become a well known character worldwide. Although we often call him The Mad Hatter, the original name of this authentic fictional character is just The Hatter.

The Hatter appears in Tim Burton’s movie: Alice in Wonderland which was released in 2010. It was the Golden Globe Award winner for Best Actor, Johnny Depp, who did an extraordinary job playing The Mad Hatter in this fabulous film. The good news for you is that now you can look just like this awesome Movie Character!

The Mad Hatter will always be an excellent option for a Halloween Costume or for just any dress up event. If you are looking for a fun Couples Costume ask your partner to go dressed up as Alice, or as the Queen of Hearts! The Halloween Costumes Choices that you have are plenty so start looking for the one you like the most.

For your next Dress up Party, WonderCostumes is pleased to offer you with the most outstanding Mad Hatter Hats, Wigs and Outfits for Boys, Girls, Men and Women at really low prices. This is your opportunity to escape from reality and transform into a unique character such as the Mad Hatter.

Explore the electric and bold 2014 Costumes and pick one from your favorite Disney Movie! Dress up in your trendy Mad Hatter Outfit for your next Halloween Event!