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Luigi Costumes

Super Mario Brothers Costumes transcend Halloween trends; the all-time favorite Video Game Costumes have made their way into Super Mario Bros Theme Parties as well as Comic Book and Video Game Conventions. It is true that Mario is usually the Star of the show but when it comes to faithful sidekicks, there is not better candidate for the job than Super Mario Bros’ Luigi. Luigi Costumes are some of the few sidekick options that don’t make you feel like sidekick at all.

Although Luigi is Super Mario’s younger brother, he is just as important to Nintendo’s Brand as Mario. Despite being fictional characters, Mario and Luigi have an exemplary brotherly chemistry; they are inseparable and it is difficult to mention one of them with out thinking about the other. The Mario and Luigi Video Games were an important part of growing up in the 80s and 90s. Every kid that played the game would daydream about the great Adventures. You could experience the same challenges and successes in the Video Game whether you chose to play as Mario or Luigi. Luigi Costumes bring people together; they are a great way to be the sidekick without leaving the spot light. These two Italian Plumbers were also Super Heroes.

If you want to make an impression and at your next Costumes event and have an truly lovable Couple’s Costume, Dress up in a Luigi Outfit and Partner with Super Mario, Yoshi, Prince Toad and The Princess. Being the side kick has never been so appealing.