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  • St. Patrick Costumes
    St. Patrick Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes

Find the latest St. Patrick's Day Costumes and accessories to celebrate big! Get your Leprechaun Costume and your Shamrock Hat and glasses and have fun as never before. Find Irish Costumes and accessories at the lowest price and enjoy the luck of the Irish while shopping online.

Leprechaun outfits and more costume choices for St Patrick's Day Celebrations

An essential part of every St. Patrick's Day parade or festivity, Leprechaun Costumes are a hilarious novelty. According to Irish folklore, Leprechauns were tiny, magical fairy creatures who are described as being solitary and aloof, spending a large portion of their time making and mending shoes, and enjoying the occasional practical joke. Legend also had it that they collected gold coins in cast-iron pots hidden at the ends of rainbows, and if by chance a Human were to capture a Leprechaun, he would be forced to grant his captor three wishes in exchange for his release.

A Parade Leprechaun Adult Costume wonderfully captures the spirit of the famous fairytale! If you're aiming for more of a quirky look, a Leprechaun Pub Crawl Adult Costume is just the thing! Lovely lasses will have the luck of the Irish on their side this St. Patrick's Day with a Clover Leprechaun Adult Costume! For parade and festival goers, Leprechaun Adult Hats and St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Boppers are a must-have. Disney Channel movies like 'The Luck of the Irish' have exposed younger audiences to the myth and magic - so let them join in on the fun, too, with a Leprechaun Lucky Kids Costume! We've come to think of Leprechauns as light-hearted, whimsical fairies, but this imagery took a sinister turn with 1993's 'The Leprechaun' horror-comedy flick. Your Halloween party guests' luck will run out with a professional-quality Scary Leprechaun Adult Costume!

Rowdy and spirited St. Patrick's Day festivities aren't only enjoyed by the Irish millions of Americans, especially those who claim Irish ancestry, flock out every year to take part in one of the world's wildest holiday traditions! As with every St. Paddy's blowout, plenty of shamrocks, goofy hats, orange beards, green-tinged beer, and oh did we mention? Leprechaun Costumes, Leprechaun Costume Kits, and Leprechaun Accessories are a necessity! Sláinte!