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Ladybug Costumes

Sometimes, maturing into a lady isn't enough. Entomology lovers can attest to this fact - the Ladybug reigns supreme in the world of lovable insects! And all Lady Bug fans are eventually going to want to search for the right ensemble to show off their deepest reds, finest dots, and perkiest antennae.

Coccinellidae (derived from the Latin meaning "scarlet"), better known as the Ladybug, or sometimes "Ladybird" have made their way into popular culture as a favorite insect of children, finding their way into numerous nursery rhymes, poems, and children's stories like Disney's James and The Giant Peach and A Bug's Life. Many cultures consider Ladybugs to be good-luck omens; The name "Lady bird" originated in Britain in association with the Virgin Mary, who was sometimes depicted in paintings wearing a Ladybug-like cloak of red with seven black dots.

With these noteworthy points in mind, slip into a Ladybug Dress Adult Costume for a sassy look that will make you welcome in anyone's garden! Brighten up the night with a ravishing Ladybug Light Me Up Costume that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Maybe you're thinking about dressing up your little bundle of joy in an adorable Ladybug Tutu Infant Costume? Don't forget to pair it off with a Ladybug Kids Costume Kit for a fetching set of wings! Our delightful collection of Ladybug Costumes and Costume Kits are sure to bring smiles and warmth to any Costume affair. Be everyone's good luck charm in a beautiful Lady Bug Disguise next Halloween!