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Kiss Costumes

This American hard rock band that was created in New York City in 1973 can be recognized by everyone by the way its members dress and by the makeup they use. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were the original members of KISS, one of the most famous and best- seller rock bands ever.

If you were lucky enough to attend one of their concerts or even if you watched them on TV you will absolutely agree that their performances were out of this world. Besides the common fireworks that you can see at any concert, at a Kiss concert you could expect to see unusual things such as Simmons spitting blood or fire.

The elaborated makeup and extravagant costumes they used for their performances represented a character that had to do with the personal life of each band member. For instance, Peter Criss took on the persona of Catman because he believed he had nine lives as cats do. Gene Simmons was the Demon as his friends would refer to him as a person with a dark sense of humor. Likewise, Paul Stanley was the Star-child because of his enthusiastic and romantic way of looking at life. Frehley' became Spaceman as it was said he was from another planet.

You can wear a complete flamboyant outfit like the ones Kiss members wore including the costume, the wig and the boots. If you ever wished you were in their shoes, here you will find all of them: the Demon, Catman, Starchild and Spaceman boots. Since women are also big fans of Kiss, there are also pretty outfits for you such as the Sexy Demon Costume or the Sexy Star kids Costume Deluxe. Let’s Rock N’ Roll!