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Juliet Costumes

William Shakespeare, the one and only British poet, actor and playwright, delighted the world with his amazing writings including sonnets, poems but mainly plays. One of Shakespeare most famous writings was Romeo and Juliet a tragedy that he wrote early in his career. Juliet has been a major character ever since, inspiring and representing love and beauty. Juliet costumes are very popular among women and girls since they are widely used worldwide for different events such as theater productions or school plays. Since the play Romeo and Juliet was written around mid-1590s, Juliet often is seen using Renaissance outfits that usually included a long gown with long sleeves and a circular headpiece with a veil attached to it.

Hurry up and get your fabulous Juliet dress, you don’t want to leave your Romeo waiting for you! The large collection of costumes you’ll find here will allow you to select that Juliet costume that you believe suits you best.

Women can choose from different gowns many of them in velvet colors and with a matching head piece. If you are looking to give a more modern and sexy twist to your Juliet dress, we have alternatives such as the Queen of Thrones Deluxe Costume. Girls love dressing up as Juliet, which is why you can find various Juliet dresses available in kids’ sizes.

Get immersed into a passionate story and be the protagonist of such an important piece of writing of all times. Wear one of the many wonderful versions of Juliet Costumes and let your own love story begin!