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Jason Costumes

In 1980, the movie Friday the 13th was released and soon it became a very successful and profitable horror movie in the film industry. There are eleven sequels after the first movie, as well as comic books, a television show and merchandise related to the movie. Although Jason was just another character in the first movie, in the eleven installments that followed he became the principal antagonist. This mass murderer named Jason Voorhees has been portrayed by various actors including Warrington Gillette, Derek Mears and Kane Hodder among others. Nowadays, Jason is still popularly known for the hockey goalie mask he wears and for the machete he uses.

The reason why Jason becomes evil goes back to his childhood when his mother, Pamela Voorhees, worked as a cook at the Camp Crystal Lake. Jason drowned while being at the camp, and his mother blamed the camp counselors who were the ones in charged of watching out for the children. After the incident, Pamela took revenge against the counselors but then she got killed by the only survivor from the group. His mother’s death is what motivates Jason to seek revenge by killing those who go to Camp Crystal Lake.

Jason is the perfect costume to wear for your Halloween party! Browse the officially licensed costumes and products from the Friday the 13th movie series. For a great couple’s costume, pair any Jason Costume with the nice Miss Voorhees Costume which is a stylish and feminine version of this dreadful character. Dress up as the main character from your favorite slasher film!