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Jasmine Costumes

Jasmine Costumes are among the most popular choices of Disney Princess Outfits for Women and Girls of all ages. Although Jasmine was not the protagonist of the story, she was the one that shaped the events that led to Aladdin’s success. Aladdin would have never become a great Prince without Genie but if it wasn’t for his encounter with Princess Jasmine, his wishes would have been quite different.

Aladdin wished to become a Prince only so that he would be allowed to marry Princess Jasmine. As Prince “Ali”, Aladdin was allowed to court the Beautiful Princess with the consent of the Sultan. Jasmine immediately turned the Disney version of the tale into the romantic escapade that captured millions of fans and dollars at the box office. Every important adventure in the movie revolves around the Princess; the poor guy even used his second wish to save his own life after Jafar attempted to kill him so that he could marry Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine possessed the beauty and poise to make the tale of Aladdin revolve around her character. You will be able to impact your next Halloween or Costume Event in the same way with a stunning Jasmine Costume. Dress up in a Jasmine Ensemble and create a magical adventure of your own. Pair up Princess Jasmine and Aladdin to make a great Couples’ Costume and write the romantic adventure of your life. Add a Genie Outfit to the mix and have loads of fun in Groups. Relive the Magic of Disney in person.