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Iron Man Costumes

When Halloween rolls around, take flight in an Iron Man costume to portray on of the most iconic Marvel Avengers. Tony Stark himself would approve the genuine look of these costumes based on the comic books and films.

Iron Man ReCap in 5 Minutes

Iron Man Costumes in Kids & Adult Sizes as seen in the Captain America: Civil War Movie

Dress up as the Iron Clad Avenger

Why are Iron Man costumes such a hit on Halloween. Iron Man is arguably the coolest superhero today, with his aura of coolness having become the defining trait of the character. While this status can be afforded to Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could also be argued that a character who’s a billionaire, playboy, corporate magnate and an ingenious inventor with a costume ahead of its time in every era couldn’t have been otherwise.

Created by Stan Lee, with inputs from Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby, Tony Stark was always intended to be a maverick, just like the man he was inspired by – Howard Hughes. Tony Stark comes to be Iron Man after a rather unfortunate chest injury and being kidnapped by terrorists that requires him to build a costume to save his life and escape his captors. This origin has remained largely unchanged over the years, with minor adjustments having been made to the extent of his injury and the manner he deals with it. Iron Man comics have dealt with a wide variety of themes, from the Cold War themes of the 1980s, to more current concerns such as terrorism, oversight and corporate crime in recent years.

But just as his personality and the themes he deals with are an important part of who Iron Man is, so are the costumes he wears. Iron Man’s costume is primarily a powered exoskeleton, with minor flourishes such as artificial intelligence and sentient controls that make the costume unmatched in combat situations. Due to his inventive tendencies, Tony Stark designed multiple costumes with each costume serving a specific need, such as the Hulkbuster costume to deal with the Hulk should he go rogue, the Bleeding Edge costume that is stored away inside his body for emergency situations, or the Superior Iron Man costume worn in recent comic storyline. One thing that remains constant in all these costumes, is the presence of an arc reactor that powers Tony’s heart and his costume, and the arc reactor has become synonymous with Iron Man.

Tony Stark’s love for costumes is a character trait has carried over to the films, with Tony having created 46 costumes up until Captain America: Civil War. The number of costumes is only going to go up as Avengers: Infinity War comes around, as one or two costumes are bound to bite the dust in the fight against Thanos. Just like the comics, the various costumes designed by Tony in the film serve a specific purpose, with the first film demonstrating the most primitive version and a first edition, which the second film drew upon and built further two costumes, one which facilitated portability and another which was designed to house a new element. And while the two Avengers films and Civil War have shown Tony can make a situation specific costume, he really brought the party in Iron Man 3 where the final fight required all 43 of his then-43 costumes to be called into actions.

Due to the technical wizardry required, most of Iron Man’s costume is CGI in the films, but we at Wonder Costumes appreciate the elegance of a well recreated costume, and can proudly say have quite the collection of Iron Man costumes. Whichever costume might be your favorite, we have it available for you! In addition to our foam and PVC costumes designed to recreate the looks of the original, we also keep a wide selection of masks, gauntlets, boot tops and other accessories in stock that a fan might need to complete his costume in time for Halloween or Comic-Con!