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Hide your face in Costume Masks to scare or bring laughter. This is not your traditional masquerade selection, the Masks will transform you into horrifying ogres or hilarious jokers. A simple Mask can substitute and entire Costume if you don't feel like dressing up. So call it an easy Halloween this year and select the right right Mask.

We wear them in everyday life. We put on a smile when we're sad to conceal our true disposition. In ancient Greece, masks were known as "prosopons" which translates into "face". Theses ancient masks were used in theater and were said to have been made of light weight, organic materials like hardened linen, leather, wood, or cork, with the wig consisting of human or animal hair. The masks had exaggerated expressions so the audience could see them easily. The actors conveyed emotions through these masks. To this day, masks are used to change one's identity, hide one's identity or transform into a new character altogether.

What kind of mask do you want to wear for Halloween? Are you looking for something scary? If so, our collection of creepy, gory, frightful masks is quite massive. Here are a few good mask picks for a particularly chilling look: Nosferatu Latex Mask which features a full, over-the-head, latex, pale white vampire mask is extremely life-like. See the Zombie Ground Breaker Adult Mask for the un-deadliest look ever.

Are you the crowd-pleaser with the funny bone? Comical masks like the Smart-Ass and Dumb-Ass Costumes will definitely amuse those around you. For an elegant disguise try your hand at our Masquerade selection. Choose from affordable, intricate and lovely Venetian Masks like the Mardi Gras Feather Venetian Mask or a hand-held style such as the Steampunk Venetian Adult Mask for a unique, stand out look.

Whether you want to transform into a Superhero or a Jedi Master such as Yoda, chances are we have exactly what you are looking for. So go ahead, look through our collection of masks and pick the one that fits your style, budget and needs.