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Hulk Costumes

Now we all know The Avengers movie came out, and we do know it features Iron Man, but did you know that Hulk is actually a member of The Avengers? You may be wondering how when he was a menace to society? The truth is with all of his power they really were convinced he could be used for good, and he was! He has a pretty twisted story much like Wolverine, and Batman. It all started when Bruce Banner was a young boy with an alcoholic father who murdered his mother and eventually landed into a psych ward. Pretty crazy, right? Bruce had a very high IQ and was noticed by the Military where they later did an experiment on him that strengthened him, picture Hulk Hogan’s strength times ten! His hands would get huge! Maybe that’s why he’s referred to as the Incredible Hulk, even your baby and toddler can be the Hulk in Halloween Costumes!

It’s a good thing these heroes use their powers for good, imagine Spiderman being bad with all of his skills! That would call for a huge clean up of a big mess! Luckily, they’re on our side. We have to admit Hulk is pretty famous, do you know what is in Orlando, Florida? Well, none other then The Incredible Hulk roller coaster, I’d say that’s a job well done as a superhero to get all of this attention! But, now you don’t have to be sitting at home, you can get up and out and join forces against evil, and the best part is your family can join you!