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  • Hoopster Superhero Costume

Hoopster Superhero Costume

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Off to rescue!


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Hoopster Superhero Costume

Between the two of us, we're gonna let you in on a little secret - everybody wants to be a superhero. Totally serious, promise. Think about it, doesn't it seem exciting to just think about what kind of powers you'd have, how you'd always save the day at the last moment, get the girl and walk off into the sunset- Hell yeah, it does, which is exactly why we have got the Hoopster Superhero Costume for you!

The Hoopster Superhero Costume brings a one piece jumpsuit costume comes with an insignia on the front with a cape and a hoop sewn in waist to make costume look bigger, plus the customary mask. Provided size fits most grownups.

Shoes not included.

Brand: Rasta Imposta Costumes

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