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Hocus Pocus Costumes

Hocus Pocus was a classic horror comedy from 1993 about a family of witches in Massachusetts. A year after the release of the movie, this entertaining production was nominated to different awards, from which it won two prizes including the Saturn Award for Best Costumes. If you watched the movie you will probably remember the gorgeous dresses these witches wore. This movie proves that dressing up as a witch does not necessarily mean you have to wear an awful and boring black dress and hat. By choosing the right costume you can be a witch and still look stunning.

Let’s face it, there are certain costumes that will always be popular in Halloween because people regard them as Halloween symbols: Witches are clearly Halloween icons, and so are their black cats and their cauldrons where they mix their spells in. Knowing that, you may now be more willing to dress up as a witch. But wait! Don’t just wear any witch outfit; wear a Hocus Pocus witch outfit! Here you will find Hocus Pocus Witch costume alternatives for women and girls that will remind others that witches are more than just ugly and scary old women.

Speaking of Hocus Pocus, those two words are also used by magicians when performing a magic trick. Many people still wonder what the exact meaning of those words is; however, there is not a precise answer for that question. For all we know “Hocus Pocus” is part of the magic glossary and it is the name of a movie from the 90s. For you these words can mean a dazzling witch outfit that you can wear to your next costume party. Wear a representative Halloween outfit; wear a Hocus Pocus Witch Costume!