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Harem Costumes

In the Islamic culture the word Harem refers to an area of a house reserved for women in a polygynous household; in other words, in a household with one man and two or more wives. For those of you who are interested in etymology, Harem, from Arabic, literally means “forbidden” or “sacred”. Harems were not only constituted by a Muslim man wives, but their daughters were also a part of this group of women. The main purpose of a harem was to educate these girls to one day become the wives of noble men.

The term Harem is now part of the Western culture as well. Harem clothing or more specifically, Harem pants are baggy pants with tight ankles. These pants created in India are nowadays commonly used worldwide in belly dancing, in yoga and certainly in costumes. Harem costumes come in splendid designs and colors turning the spotlight on the beauty of girls and women. If you make the decision to purchase a Harem costume, you will see how versatile these costumes are. By wearing one of these Arabic Costumes you can be an Arab woman, a belly dancer, princess Jasmine or even a genie!

Jasmine from Disney’s movie Aladdin is a great exemplification of what a Harem costume is. This princess costume often includes: a sheer turquoise top, a pair of matching harem pants, and a gold coin trim around the waist. A wonderful Harem outfit for you can be the Jasmine Costume Deluxe. And for yoga lovers that like comfortable and loose clothing we offer you harem yoga pants and harem jumpsuits that come in various designs and colors at very competitive prices. Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful and exclusive Harem Costume!