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Gypsy Costumes

Gypsy Costumes are enchanting, mystical and mysterious. If your fashion style leans toward the bohemian, hippie style, Gypsy Costumes will cater to your taste. Look like you stepped off of a traveling caravan at midnight with the moon and stars shining down upon you as you gaze into your crystal ball and shuffle your Tarot cards ready to tell people their fortunes. Be the life of your next party with the following Gypsy Costumes styles for girls and women available in all sizes.

Gypsy Costumes are made up of: white or cream peasant, halter or off-the-shoulder tops, with attached lace-up corset vests, blue/purple or pink/purple peasant-style dresses, with sheer, puffy, bell sleeves with moon and star prints, with long or hi-lo ruffled, handkerchief, flowery or velvet skirts with mid or high side slits and coin trims, gold stars, silver stars, gold lamé or satin ribbon side-lacing.

Accessorize with shimmering makeup, flower headpieces, matching head/neck/hip scarves, jewelry (bangle bracelets, rings, necklaces), sequin- trimmed waist wraps and sashes, tambourines, black tights, brown/black boots, coin-trimmed belts and shoes.

We predict a very fun, dance-all-night, bewitching, future.