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Green Hornet Costumes

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Many of today's youth would never know that the 2011 American action comedy "The Green Hornet" starring the funny Seth Rogan was originally a radio show that aired in the 1930's (before we had TVs). The show first debuted on radio in January 31, 1936 and would open with the orchestral interlude, "Flight of the Bumblebee".

The Hornet written by the same duo who brought us "The Lone Ranger" was one of the first masked crusaders. Much like Spiderman, the police would view him as a vigilante and his crime-fighting tactics as meddlesome and even criminal. Green Hornet was Britt Reid by day, a flashy, playboy-type newspaper publisher (and apparently the Lone Ranger's nephew). Reid was aided by his butler, chauffeur and side-kick "Kato", a crafty, martial artist. Their means of transportation was a sedan called "The Black Beauty". The exciting, action packed show would air for almost 20 years. In 1940, The Green Hornet was picked up by Harvey Comics for a six issue run. Since then, The Hornet would appear on and off in different comics although only for one shot deal or a brief mini series.

The most well-known appearance of The Hornet came in 1966 on ABC television when the character was featured on the Batman show as a guest starring, cross promotion role. The networks had decided to give The Green Hornet a go. The Hornet was played by veteran action actor Van Williams and the role of "Kato" by a young, fairly-unknown martial artist, Bruce Lee. Although being cancelled after one season, Lee would become an international sensation. His fame and popularity in Hong Kong was such that the show was marketed there as The Kato Show.

Now you too can be the elusive masked crusader with your very own Green Hornet adult costume. You can certainly bring your lady friend on adventures as your trusted side-kick in the super sexy Green Hornet Kato Women costume. Finish the look with accessories such as Green Hornet Kato Hat and Green Hornet Kato Gloves and toy gun.