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Grape Costumes

These Grape Costumes are available in green or purple, and in different styles for the whole family. Grape Kids Costumes are great for festivals, school project, competitions and Halloween. Fruit Costumes for grown-ups are a creative way to dress up for any special events, such as restaurant inauguration, food competitions and Halloween. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options for your next order.

So you want to be “grapes” for your next event, kid’s birthday or Halloween party or new business ribbon-cutting even. Or perhaps you’re attending an Autumn Festival where they hold family-oriented activities, one of them being “Grape Stomps” competitions where the public is encouraged to form two-people teams. Anyone who remembers Lucille Ball and Ethel Mertz’s “I Love Lucy” episode where they enter a grape stomping contest clearly remembers how much fun they had. The winner is the team who produces the most “juice” at the end.

For one thing, your Grape Costume will probably win any Halloween Costume Contest for originality and good humor. Secondly, you will need to inflate lots of balloons (approximately 45 minutes) to surround your body. Thirdly, your look will be unforgettable.

These Grape Costumes are available in green or purple in sizes for kids, teens, women and men, and they consist of green or purple hooded bodysuit or tunic with single, green-leaf collar detail with multiple balloon pockets. Grape Kids Costumes (available in one size fits most kids) and Grape Costumes for grown-ups are available in one size fits most women and men, respectively. You can accessorize with white cartoon gloves, matching color tights and shoes, and even colorful eye lashes!

Other variations in the colors of the balloons can be red or dark red, fuchsia, blue or dark blue (blue-purple). Do-it-yourself Grape Costume ideas include attaching balloons without inserting them in pockets, and they’ll be shiny, rather than under fabric wraps. There are even Grape Costumes for your beloved pet dogs.

Whether you’ll be dressed in bunches or clusters with other Grape Costumes or all by yourself, you’re up for a hilarious time. Dancing grapes is always a sight to see.