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Girls Hippie Costumes

Your girl will have endless fun and enjoy freedom this Halloween with a Hippie Costume! Find the most popular 60s outfits like Flower Girl Costume, Grease Costume, Go Go Costume and many more. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options at your online costume store.

Revolutionary and rebellious are two words that would perfectly describe the 1960’s. The 60’s were a decade of new found independence for the youth and of rejection of the long standing moral values of their parents. The British invasion in the music scene brought forth many new ideas and fashion trends such as Go-Go Dancer boots and PVC clothing. The widely popular bikini bathing suit also made a splash on to the world wide fashion scene during this era. Fashion icons like international model Twiggy and French actress Brigitte Bardot were a couple of the leading trend setters during the time.

The hippie movement was one of the most important themes of the 1960’s decade, especially here in America. By the late 1960’s the hippie look or style was the most popular fashion for not only women and girls, but also men. Hippies were characterized by their bell bottom jeans and tie dye fabrics. The androgyny of this style of fashion is another aspect of it that made it so revolutionary, it was an embodiment of the rejection of the overly conservative ideals and strict assigned gender roles of the 50’s.

Shop any one of our many 1960’s themed Girl Costumes and rest assured that you will find something to absolutely delight you! Whether you want to go for a British inspired Go-Go look or you want to be more laid back in a Hippie look, there is definitely something for you to look like you just stepped out of a time machine!