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Girls 50s Costumes

Find great Girls 50s Costumes so you can go back to the after war period. Some popular outfit options for girls are Marylin Costumes, Rock and Roll Costumes and I Love Lucy Costumes, just to mention few. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and great prices.

The 1950’s were a new and exciting time for many reasons, the first of these being the recent end of World War II and the return to economic and social normality for everyone involved in this world wide conflict. Popular culture was booming during this era, birthing rock and roll music, the golden era of television, and the art movement of abstract expressionism. The fashion of those times was also something new and exciting, women were beginning to wear pants and denim was starting to be seen as a fashion statement rather than worker’s clothing.

Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor set many fashion trends for women, while hunks like Elvis Presley and James Dean were a couple of the leading trend setters for men. This era in fashion was known for its clean cut aesthetic and attention to the most feminine features on a woman. Mid calf length skirts and peplum dresses were a couple of the hottest trends. Men were very clean cut also, styling their hair in the pompadour fashion and outfitting double breasted suits. Television had a huge influence on what most people were wearing, nearly 4.5 million American homes had a television set and most of people’s free time was spent watching television.

Take a blast from the past this Halloween with any one of our 1950’s themed girl costumes. Whether you want to be an adorable Car Hop Girl or you want to woo all the boys at the school dance in your cute little Poodle Skirt or a Marylin Costume, there is certainly something just for you to look your most authentic in!