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Gi Joe Costumes

Since the 1960s, girls had an iconic toy doll produced by the Mattel toy company named Barbie; she was a life like supermodel doll which you could dress up and accessorize like a real person. Barbie was like a pop sensation for girls but that left boys without a life-like counter part. In the 1980s the Hasbro toy company finally found the perfect fit for this role. A 1940s comic book series named G.I. Joe about the United States military. Hasbro developed this line of military action figures featuring options to dress and accessorize like Barbie. The G.I. Joe toys uniforms represented the four military branches of the U.S.: Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The accessories were mainly weapons and protective gear like helmets and masks.

Eventually the G.I. Joe line-up expanded to other characters representing different ethnicities and military roles. As the toy grew in popularity, a cartoon adaptation of the original comic book stories hit the small screen catapulting the success of G.I. Joe to new heights. In 2009 the inevitable happened, a full length live action feature G.I. Joe film was released titled “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. This film was a huge success and made G.I. Joe relevant to the modern day trend of live action comic book movies. The movie producers decided to establish the movie franchise with a follow up sequel released in 2013 named: “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”. This release was also a box office hit and it sprouted a whole new trend in the Halloween industry.

Find yourself dressing up as the modern day G.I. Joe this next Halloween. Main characters such as Duke, Storm Shadow, Jinx or Snake eyes are featured as this years popular G.I. Joe Costumes. If you want to be the bad guy, you also have the option of wearing a Cobra Commander costume to unleash your dark side.