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Freddy Kruger Costumes

Shop officially licensed Freddy Kruger Costumes and many more movie Character Costumes for Halloween and special occasions such as Disney Horror Night. A Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes will make your appearance memorable. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options.

Freddy Kruger is a disfigured fictional character that appears in the horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. This cruel character appears in his victims’ dreams with a clawed glove and then kills them in the real life.

Freddy Kruger was created by Wes Craven, an American actor, writer and film director, and was interpreted by the actor Robert Englund. This infamous character was seeking revenge against the parents of the teenagers he killed, as they were then ones responsible for his horrendous appearance. After nine movies, a TV show and various comic books, Freddy Kruger has been classified as one of the top villains in all times. You may recall Freddy Kruger not only by his burned face and his clawed glove but also by the clothes he wears in the movies. His outfit includes a red and dark green striped long sleeve shirt and a brown fedora hat.

You may think dressing up as Freddy Kruger is hard, but is it is very simple actually! Find everything you need in the Freddy Kruger Costumes collection! The hat, the glove, the mask and the shirt are sold separately so that you can pick the items that you like the most. A best seller is the Nightmare on Elm Street licensed Miss Kruger Costume for women; this is the perfect outfit if you want to dress up as a horror character and still look good. Another popular officially licensed product is the Freddy Metal Deluxe Glove. Stand out from the crowd with a scary Freddy Costume!