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Elf Costumes

Elves are portrayed in movies and storybooks, they are nature-lovers magical creatures that we all recognize and love. Browse our selection of Elf Costumes and find the perfect Elf outfit for you. Dress as an Elf for your next Trick or Treat event, Christmas, special convention, play or themed party. Enjoy secure shopping and fast shipping options.

Elven kings, elf-maids and elves are mythical, forest-dwelling creatures, who have been sprinkled all over literature from before the Middle Ages and up to recent times. Fascinating supernatural stories of these fairy-like gnomes began as Old Norse, Germanic and Scandinavian folklore and have always caught the attention of readers all over the world. Fairy tales often consist of instances where humans encounter these imaginary beings, instantly making their lives more interesting.

Why not dress up as a light-hearted, childlike, woodland elf by choosing one or more of our variety of styles for the whole family, even the family pet? Babies, kids, teens and adults will receive compliments on how adorable their Elf Costumes make them look. There is something special about elves. They are free, coming and going as they please. They can be very helpful and nice (as Santa's toy makers), but can also be mischievous by playing tricks on humans (such as tangling their hair, in their most harmless). Usually they are described as “so tiny that he or she can have a rose blossom for a home."

Join in the universal, centuries-old fascination with these nimble, wiser-than-humans, nature lovers. With their sharper senses and perceptions and gifted in magic, they are bound to win everyone over with their magnetic personalities. Dressed up as elves with pointed ears, red stocking caps, striped tights and pointy shoes, you can dance in circles and be of good cheer and spread it everywhere you go.