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Descendants 3 Costumes

From the Disney Channel small screen, Descendants 3 Ccostumes are some of the most coveted Halloween costumes year after year. Impersonate your favorite characters in costume replica's of Mal, Evie, Uma, Carlos, Jay and other iconic characters that made history on the Disney Channel screen.

Disney's Descendants Costumes

New Descendants Costumes for kids

Who are The Descendants?

There's a really good reason Descendants 3 Costumes are such a hit! Remember some of those major Disney villain classics from way back? Such as Jafar, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and the Evil Queen? Well, those villains are making their mark again, not them exactly, their kids are! That's right, you have the son of Jafar, Jay, the daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie, the son of Cruella De Vil, Carlos De Vil, the daughter of Ursula, Uma, and the daughter of Maleficent, Mal. These four mischievous teens are on a mission to bring evil to an island that holds only the descendants of all the heroes in those iconic Disney tales.

These descendants show a clear representation of their parents in the film, not only by their evil acts but mainly in their costumes also. If you take a clear look at the design of Jay, Carlos, Mal, and Evie's costumes, it almost looks exactly like a modern design of their parent's costumes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Other than the fact that they ended up switching to the good side towards the climax of the film.

If your kid has seen the film and wants to dress up as either of the characters, then this category is just the right one to search through!

Our Selection of Descendants Costumes for Girls!

Here on the Wonder Costumes site, you can see that we have an excellent wide selection of astonishing Descendants costumes and accessories for girls. As you look through the category, we have an array of costumes for the female characters appearing in the Disney film! The characters include Mal, Evie, Audrey, Lonnie, Uma and even Maleficent.

For our selection of Mal costumes, we have an array of different costumes available from both the first Descendants film and the second. From the first film, we have both her original costume on the Island of The Lost and her costume on the island that houses the prep school for the known descendants of the classic heroes. We also have her beautiful dress costume in the scene of the coronation available to purchase. From the second Descendants film, we have costumes that are designed to match her style when she returns back to the Island of The Lost in the film. The costumes for Mal are all available to purchase regularly, as a deluxe, or a prestige for more higher quality look and touch.

For our selection of Evie costumes, as the same as Mal, we have different variations of her classic Island of The Lost costume; both from the first film and the second. You can purchase her costume for your kid in any kinda style they might enjoy. For a better look and a more well-designed costume, you can checkout some of our deluxe and prestige costume options.

From Descendants 2, we also have a selection of Uma costumes, available in her classic Island of The Lost look and a deluxe version of that same design. The Uma, Evie, and Mal costumes all don't include wigs, but don't worry, we have just what you need that you can purchase separately all at a fair price!

In addition to the other costumes, from the coronation scene, we also have deluxe costumes of Audrey's and Lonnie's coronation dresses from the film.

If you're planning on purchasing one of Mal's costumes for your daughter and you want to dress up as well, we have an astonishing deluxe costume of Maleficent that'll go for a great mother and daughter costume pair idea for Halloween!

Boys Love the Descendants, Too!

On the Wonder Costumes site, we have a limited but excellent options of Descendants costumes for your kid! First up, we have an awesome deluxe costume for the character Jay to give your kid the chance to easily become the descendant of the evil villain Jafar! We also have a deluxe costume of the character Carlos De Vil, the descendant of Cruella De Vil. If your son is a big fan of 101 Dalmatians and wants to become the surprisingly dog-loving descendant, this costume is just the right purchase for him!

Why We Are Your Top Choice!

We here at Wonder Costumes work hard to make sure we have the best for our customers! We are known have a wide variety of costumes available to purchase on both our website and in our store. We price our costumes the best way possible for our customers so that they can have a reasonable and fair purchase. If you are to have any questions regarding any items in our Descendants category, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-288-9916 or e-mail info@wondercostumes.com and our staff will gladly give you the answers that you need!