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Clive Barker Costumes

Clive Barker characters are now easy to find with this collection of unique Gothic Costumes and accessories that horror lovers would definitely like to have. These Halloween Dark Bazaar Costumes, masks and accessories have to be wickedly great to satisfy you. There are batty/vampire costumes, all-over-body tattoo costumes and many more creative costumes choices for the man behind Hellraiser and Candyman.

Introducing Clive Barker (to those few who don’t know about him): English horror writer, film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playwright, video game writer, painter, illustrator, and visual artist best known for his work in both fantasy and horror fiction, most notable movies are Hellraiser and Candyman.

He is also a costume designer, and we carry many of his distinctively-styled, fantastical, supernatural and conceptual officially-licensed Clive Barker (TM) Costumes and Accessories. A multifaceted artist hailed by Stephen King: You just know his costumes, masks and accessories have to be wickedly great!

For example, for men there is a batty/vampire Clive Barker Fly by Night Adult Costume including a deep blue-purple shirt with printed eerie eye accents on attached wingspans. If you want the all-over-body tattoo look, Tattu Furio Costume by Clive Barker is for you: a vibrantly-colored and detailed printed shirt featuring faux leather scales detailing on the upper sleeves and an extremely detailed and unique half mask.

For women, Clive Barker Web Woman Costume Deluxe includes a dramatic, gray, screen-printed dress featuring spiders and webs all over, shredded arm drapes, attached faux vinyl belt with detachable spider and matching veil and Clive Barker Queen of Skull Costume features a black dress featuring skull screen prints on the bodice and hi-lo skirt, attached black peplum, attached petticoat and gold lace accents on the sleeves, a detachable lavender organza collar and an intricately sculpted headpiece featuring faux ruby accent.

Clive Barker It's Behind You Adult Mask features two-sided mask with intricately designed half man/half monster on one side and swampy-look style with three extra sets of eyes on the other side. Clive Barker Man and Lion Paper Adult Mask is a pair of paper half masks, one side being a blue man face and the other is a yellow lion face.

You can add a Gothic look to your costume with the Clive Barker Gargoyle Dagger Costume Accessory, a 12" dagger which changes from a burnt orange to a brilliant blue color. This Halloween you will have his inventive genius working for you, and you’re likely to receive many compliments.