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  •  Jesus Wig Beard Combo

Classic Jesus Wig And Beard Combo

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There's nothing more dignified that perfectly coiffed facial hair!


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Classic Jesus Wig And Beard Combo

What is it about a well-kept beard, mustache, and long hair that some of us find irresistible- It seems nearly ever man is compelled at some point in their lives to give the look a try! And, by offshoot, many women can't help but find themselves appreciating it! Many respectable and esteemed figures throughout history have sported long hair and beards; One of the most famous of all being Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus, the prophet of the Christian Bible's New Testament, believed by his followers to be the son and incarnation of God. Though there are virtually no recorded statements describing his physical appearance and features, Jesus is often portrayed in countless works of art, plays, literature, and film as having long hair and a full beard, as was a common fashion among Middle-Eastern Jewish men of the time. Don't spend more money buying a fake facial hair pieces separately - you get it all with this light-brown Jesus Wig and Beard combo! Perfect for Halloween, Role-Playing, and Biblical Plays! Made out of 100% fiber. One size, fits most adults. Actual costume and other accessories sold separately.

Care instructions: Soak wig using cold water only. Add a dash of mild shampoo and gently work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. To dry, gently squeeze and shake excess water. Let drip dry, do not brush or style while wet. Brush into desired style after wig is completely dry. Stretch net under cap allows for easy fit. We recommend purchasing a wig cap for better comfort and fit, sold separately.

Brand: California Costumes

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