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Circus Costumes

With this selection of Circus Costumes will get you ready for that special party, convention, play, Halloween, and even the circus! We have all you need to attend that Circus themed party or any other occasion where Circus disguises are needed. Secure Shopping with Guaranteed delivery dates.

Every one of us has enjoyed the exciting circus experience at some point of our lives. Whether we saw incredible feats before our eyes when we were children or have taken our own kids to see circus magic for their very first time with their eyes peeled and mouths agape, the Circus theme is always versatile and fun. You can go about it individually or participate in a fun-loving group of many Circus performers/characters.

For some blatant reason, one of the first Circus Costumes that come to mind, even before the Ring Master or Ring Mistress is the classic Clown Costume. Outrageous face paint, bright wigs and extra big glasses, bow ties and shoes compliment the happy, colorful outfits that will instantly produce smiles anywhere you go.

The Ring Master/Mistress with black top hat and cane is the center of attention at the beginning and during the show when he/she announces all circus acts and directs them. There are tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists, lion tamers, acrobats and trapeze artists, whose costumes can be created with imaginative combinations of tutus, striped jackets, black leggings, sequined leotards, bodysuits, wigs, hats, and much more.

Then come all the highly trained animals with their amazing tricks: Elephants, lions, tigers, seals with bright-colored balancing balls on their noses. All the colors of the rainbow are at play. Get ready for some Big Top action wearing appropriate and authentic Circus Costumes. This is your chance act hilariously amidst polka dots, pom poms and popcorn.