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Catwoman Costumes

Dress up in a Catwoman costume to play with the bat's mind. Lover or foe, Catwoman has earned a special place in the hearts of Batman's fans with her complex plots, her contradictory relationship with Bruce Wayne and Batman, and her highly appealing good looks. A Catwoman costume carries the sexy and elegant demeanor of Selina Kyle.

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Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman costumes are the epitome of femme fatale attire and that is thanks to the many epic iterations of Selina Kyle in comics, animated shows and movies. Every good hero needs a good villain, and when we come to the villains department, Batman is rather well endowed when compared to other costumed heroes. While the Joker might be the first (and arguably best) Batman villain one thinks of, Batman has countless other great villains that make his rogues gallery enviable. One of these great villains happens to be Ms. Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Catwoman made her debut in 1940, and through a vast majority of the 20th century, she was portrayed a supervillain. In her sleek catsuit costume she has attained the status of anti-heroine and Batman’s most consistent love interest only as recently as the 1990s. Inspired partly by Bob Kane’s cousin and partly by the actress Jean Harlow, the creators have often stated how they added the character attract the female audience towards the comics in addition to adding a sense of adventure and style to the Batman comics, and everything surrounding Catwoman – be it her appearance, her costume or her general demeanor – has a surreal sense of style for that very reason. The cat motif surrounding the character is a representation of how cool and detached the character is (like the animal itself), while acting as a contrast to the calculating and serious nature of Batman.

What makes Catwoman such a popular character is how she isn’t just another villain with a themed costume; it’s that she has a personality and packs a punch to go with that costume. Catwoman is the definition of the term ‘femme fatale’ with how she both antagonizes and attracts Batman at the same time—for almost a century. Portrayed as a master thief and cat burglar with a penchant for shiny objects, Catwoman is arguably the most athletic character ever in comic books with how she performs her tasks with a grace, poise and degree of movement that is almost feline in nature, justifying her moniker. Catwoman’s skin-tight costume has its role in allowing her to maneuver like a true feline in human form.

And it is only fair that the character’s costume resembles a cat too. While there have been different iterations of her costume, all of Catwoman’s costumes follow a unique cat theme that make sure there’s no mistaking her costume for anything else. A costume fitting enough to put Black Widow’s costume to shame, Catwoman’s costume foregoes any sort of armored plates or padding to facilitate movement, and any Catwoman costume contains a headpiece with ears resembling a cat’s, and a whip that is Catwoman’s tool of choice in addition to a pair of goggles. The three cinematic iterations of Catwoman that have been have all had their own take on the costume, with all three costumes being radically different from each other, yet each costume in its own right being recognizable as a Catwoman costume. What’s commendable is how the costumes aren’t altered for the sake of being altered, but altered so that each costume fits the respective director’s vision for the story and ensures that each costume fits with the world and characters he’s tried to create.

We at Wonder Costumes understand the fervor surrounding Catwoman, and as our commitment to continue serving fans with whichever costumes they desire, keep a considerable amount of Catwoman costumes to satiate every fan’s needs, whether they are looking for the Michelle Pfeiffer incarnation of the Catwoman costume, the Anne Hathaway iteration of the Catwoman costume, the Halle Berry iteration of the Catwoman costume, or just a good old fashioned simple Catwoman costume! Whichever costume you might prefer, you can rest assured Wonder Costumes has it in stock to be delivered to you!