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Boys Hippie Costumes

You boy can now dress up with the freedom of the 60’s! He can select from a collection of paisley prints outfits, tie-dye fabrics and more colorful Boys Hippie Costumes from the love and peace decade. Enjoy a secure shopping experience!

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The Sixties, as this decade is known in popular culture, was a time of revolution and high demand of individual freedom in fashion, music and culture in general. In fashion culottes, go-go boots and box-shaped dresses were very popular. The hippie movement established trends such as psychedelic prints, bright colors, and mismatched patterns, bell-bottom pants and tie-dye fabrics were also popular as well as paisley prints. For those boys that like to dress up with the freedom of the 60’s, we have a selection of great Hippie Boys Costumes.

Browse a collection of Boys Hippie Costumes featuring multicolored flowery fringed vests with long sleeved white shirts and matching bell bottom pants. Great accessories such as Hippie wigs, colorful headbands, and sunglasses will complete the desire look. Peace sign shirts and necklaces will also be great accessories for your Hippie costume. If your boy has a theme party or special events to attend, we offer simple solutions for the simple guy, pick one from our several Tie Dye Shirt options, match them with a Hippie Afro Wig and you’ll have created an authentic look. Find what your boy needs from these 60s outfits at your favorite costume store.