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Betty Rubble Costumes

A quirky prehistoric babe, Betty Rubble really knows how to make Bed-Rock! Find fabulous Betty Rubble Costumes and more the Flinstones Character Costumes at affordable prices. Dress as a Cave Woman for Halloween and have fun!

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Yabba-dabba-hot! A quirky prehistoric babe, Betty Rubble really knows how to make Bed-Rock! Betty is Barney Rubble's beautiful wife, the abnormally-strong baby Bamm-Bamm's adoptive mother, and Wilma Flinstone's best friend. The two women often spend their days chatting and doing chores around their cavehouses with the help of their baby Mammoth vacuum cleaners and Pelican washing machines, often having to drop everything and work together to bail their husbands out of trouble!

Try on Betty Rubble's signature blue dress and brunette bob-haircut with this Adult Betty Ruble Costume Deluxe! Plus-Size Deluxe Betty Rubble Costumes are also available. Betty Rubble was conceived by Hanna-Barbera Studios in 1959 for The Flinstones with the character of Trixie Norton from the very-popular The Honeymooners television sitcom in mind. Highly sympathetic and affectionate towards her sometimes dim-witted husband, Betty enjoyed volunteering for charitable organizations and meeting famous Bedrock celebrities like Stony Curtis, Ann-Margrock, Perry Masonry, and Cary Granite.

Pair a Betty Rubble Costume with a Barney Rubble Costume for a Couples Costume to celebrate one of the greatest TV shows of all time! And maybe even get a group of friends to dress up as Wilma and Fred Flinstone and their dinosaur pet Dino! The Flinstones animated sitcom was originally geared towards adult viewers, but quickly became a prime-time favorite for viewers of all ages, taking the spot of the #1 'Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time' as ranked by TV Guide. Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo of a time with Betty Rubble Costumes, Flinstone Costumes, and Latex Masks this Halloween!