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Batgirl Costumes

Dress up as Batman's female counterpart with an official Batgirl costume. DC Comics made sure there was a female version of the caped crusader and now you can join the Bat squad for a great couples costume idea.

Become Batman’s Counterpart in a Batgirl Costume

Batgirl costumes are “part of the family.” Owing to the success of Batman as a character, DC Comics decided to introduce further characters to Batman’s “family.” While Robin may have been the first character to act as Batman’s sidekick, Batgirl was the next – and perhaps more iconic – to join. The Bat Family has since expanded to include more characters such as Dick Grayson’s Nightwing, Tim Drake’s Robin, Damian Wayne’s Robin, Jason Todd’s Red Hood among others, but Batgirl has remained a permanent fixture throughout history in Batman’s crusade against crime, save for a few story titles.

The Batgirl most readers are familiar with might be Barbara Gordon, but Betty Kane was introduced as the first Batgirl and remained so for quite a while, until her demeanor, characterization and costume were deemed too campy and replaced in a bid to revamp the Batman comics’ general aesthetic and popularity. The essence of Batgirl remained the same – she was a costumed vigilante, whose costume resembled that of Batman’s, and who operated using the same methods as Batman’s to fight and prevent crime.
Batgirl had the luxury of having a snazzier costume, and it showed in every iteration, whether it was the costume seen in the 1960s TV show, or the costume seen in animated adaptations of the comic as recent as 2016’s The Killing Joke. While the costume retains the core Bat motif of the Batman costume in the form of the pointed ears on her mask or the attenuated cape, Batgirl’s costume showed a greater tendency to play around with colors.

While a majority of the costumes seen in comics and various adaptation adopt black as their primary color, there are quite a few costumes that have experimented with shades of grey. The most radical color to have graced the costume is perhaps purple, seen in the costume worn in the aforementioned 1960s TV show, but that costume proved so popular with fans that the purple costume became iconic enough to pop up as an Easter Egg in subsequent adaptations and even turn up as the main costume on different occasions!

But no matter the color of the costume that Batgirl wears, one color that has always stayed on the costume is yellow. Batgirl’s costume has made of the yellow color in a very effective manner by livening up subtle details on the costume such as the Bat logo in the center, the boots, the gauntlets and the underside of Batgirl’s cape.
The usage of yellow color is what differentiates Batgirl’s costume from Batman’s the most.

But as good as the Batgirl costume may be, it wasn’t the only thing that made the character such a breakout hit. Daughter of Gotham’s Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara had to deal with the internal strife of keeping her costumed antics from her father, all while breaking the law his father swore to protect every night as she stepped out to dole out vigilante justice. This internal conflict and the will to do what’s right using any method necessary, supplemented by excellent writing, nail biting adventures, and strong female empowerment undertones in her recent adventures make Batgirl such a hit character.

We at Wonder Costumes understand the craze surrounding Batgirl all too well, and with DC’s Rebirthh and The Killing Joke this year, are sure the Batgirl craze will only amplify!
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