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  • Barbie Costumes
    Barbie Costumes

Barbie Costumes

Barbie, the pretty doll that you can play and dress as you desire now has her own line of Clothing for humans! Of course, these clothes are considered to be costumes but at least you know you can get dolled up in Barbie Costume.

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Barbie (a.k.a. Barbara Millicent Roberts), made her debut at the annual Toy Fair in New York in 1959. Barbie Dolls were the creation of savvy business woman (and co-founder of Mattel Toys) Ruth Handler. Ruth was motivated to craft a teenage doll after watching her daughter play with paper dolls and noticing she would often give these dolls adult roles.

Inspired by the 3-D dolls she had seen while vacationing in Germany, Ruth created "Barbie" (named after Ruth's daughter). Barbie Dolls originally sold for $3 ($1-$5 for clothing). Only 300,000 or so were initially produced. The first Barbie Dolls wore their hair in a ponytail and had curly "poodle" bangs. They came in Blonde and Brunette, with Blondes outnumbering Brunettes 3 to 1. Nowadays, a first edition Barbie Doll in mint condition would go for as much as $27,000. In 1961, two years after Barbie debuted, we were introduced to red-haired Barbie Dolls and more importantly, her forever boyfriend (named after Mrs. Handler's son), Ken. The first African American and Hispanic Barbie Dolls would be introduced 20 years later in 1980. Mattel's Barbie Dolls are a classic and favorite toy among little girls all over the world.

These Girl Costumes will be a hit for the Barbie lover in your life. These outfits are wonderful for dress-up, birthday parties and Halloween. Choose from many precious costumes that will have your little one feeling like a princess such as we have an adorable Skating Sensation Costume, Barbie Genie Costume, Nurse Barbie Costume, and a fun Barbie Team Spirit Forever Costume. We also have an enchanting Barbie Mermaid Merliah Costume, Barbie Thumbelina Costume, and Barbie Royal Party Princess Costume.