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Apple Costumes

Celebrate the Apple next Halloween; this wondrous fruit certainly deserves it. Wear an Apple Costume and be ready to have fun this time.

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Celebrate the Apple next Halloween; this wondrous fruit certainly deserves it. Just think of all the ways that the apple is an iconic fruit and you will find it is featured in many legendary stories, refrains, products and everyone’s favorite dishes.

In the Abrahamic religions, it is believed that Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God. In the story, they committed the original sin of mankind and ate a forbidden fruit from a tree that God strictly instructed them to avoid. Although there is no specific mention in the Holy books, the apple has been awarded the honor of being this irresistible fruit that even the most pure and innocent human beings could not fight the temptation of eating. It is not surprising; apples are juicy, sweet in taste and highly appealing to the eye. It is why they are gifted to teachers in exchange for acceptance and used in fairy tales such as Snow White to tempt the unsuspecting princess to consume poison. Think of some of the tastiest deserts and treats such as apple pie, apple sauce and candied apples or refreshing drinks like apple juice and apple cider.

There are many ways that the apple has become significant to humanity from ancient times to the present. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, we compare “apples to apples”, they helped Isaac Newton study gravity and in more modern times they have become the unmistakable world wide symbol for Apple Computers. Wear an Apple Costume for Halloween, school plays or to promote your fruit stand and celebrate this magnificent fruit.