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Admiral Costumes

Find Admiral Costumes designed with similar details than the traditional uniforms that admirals wear; choose from Military outfits your Patriotic Costume either for the 4th of July, career day, Halloween or any other special event. Fast shipping options available and affordable prices.

An Admiral is the highest ranking Officer in a Naval Force. When you are wearing one of these Admiral Costumes you will be saluted as one of the most respected members of the Military. Wear this costume proudly and accept the respect of your peers as you command with your presence.

Admirals have had a very large role in some of the major wars that this world has seen. The biggest one of course was World War II. Many of the battles fought during this war took place at sea and Admirals were in charge of leading naval troops into combat. These real life heroes managed to conquer the opposition on many famous battles such as the Battle of Midway in which the United States Navy defeated Japanese forces and resulted in a significant shift in the naval war versus Japan. The loss debilitated Japan’s ability to keep up with the United Sates’ naval training and ship building progress. By the end of the war, only two admirals lost their life in combat, Admirals Norman Scott and Daniel J. Callaghan. They lost their lives in the battle of Guadalcanal and their efforts were recognized with Medals of Honor for their heroic performance.

Admiral Costumes are very handy for theater; these in particular are very high quality and they were designed with very similar details as the traditional uniform that admirals wear. Children can also learn to pay tribute to the honorable military figure on special Patriotic Holidays with these Admiral Outfits. You will think they look adorable and they will learn to feel proud of their country and the courageous people who fight for it.