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Ballerina Costumes

Every little girl dreams of being a Ballerina at some point in time. Dress as a professional Ballerina or as a ballet character such as the Black Swan. Look incredible this Halloween with one of these Ballerina Costumes.

Nearly every little girl dreams of being a Ballerina at some point in time: the image of en-point dancing, crystal-embellished tutus, floating through the air with a single leap...the charming aura of a Prima Ballerina is enough to make anyone swoon with excitement. Originating in the 15th century courts of Renaissance Italy (and strictly performed only by males) as a form of concert dance, the art of the Ballet was later made famous and widespread by the French, from which many of its terms and contemporary styles are derived from. The Russian Imperial court of the 19th century further took the dance to new levels with the work of composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, most notably, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

No doubt, the romantic allure of the Ballerina has been ingrained into our childhood fantasies on the same levels as fairy princesses and crimson-caped superheroes. Will you be a contemporary dancer, in a velvet leotard and snowy white tights? Or pursue classic princess glamour with our officially-licensed Disney tutus! Perhaps you're combing your love of Ballet with a nonconformist look - our Bumblebee, Devilina, Punk Ballerina Costumes and much more will give you that sugar-and-spice look you're striving for.

Whether you're five or fifty years old, the classical image of an elegant and spry ballet dancer has captured imaginations of a freedom-loving, almost magical figure indeed like that of the enchanted Princess Odette. Slip one on and feel like you could twirl in the air with our Ballerina costumes for women and girls of all ages.