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Zombie Costume

s | Zombie Halloween Costumes - Find Zombie Costumes & make Halloween a Night of the Undead. Wear a Zombie Outfit and enjoy the thrills at Zombie Walks or Runs. Zombie Costumes on Sale for Adults & Kids. We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
Look like a true Zombie with these horrific feet!
Perfect Outdoor Decoration for this Halloween!
Whenever you see this Scary Zombie in the streets just run!
She beat all her pageant competitors in her beautiful Zombie Outfit!
This October 31st transform yourself into a Zombie!

This Scary Costume is a great way to add fright to your Halloween Night!
Be a part of your favorite TV series: The Walking Dead!
What else could be more terrifying than a zombie? A Zombie Ninja!
Be the winner for Best Costume at this year's Halloween Celebration!
Pirate Costume and surprise your friends at your next Costume Bash!

Join the Zombie euphoria this October and have a very scary Halloween Night dressing up as a Zombie Girl!
On Sale
This Zombie Costume will rule the seas and all that inhabit it live or dead.
A spooky monkey has been cut loose! Be careful with this scary and bloody monkey!
Run for your life from this Living Dead creature out to haunt the streets on Halloween!
On Sale
No Zombie Costume is complete without a rockin dreadlocks wig.

Straight from the graveyard comes this Scary Creature!
This zombie died right out of high school!
This Scary Zombie-Skeleton came back from the grave for revenge!
Although this sweetie enjoys trick-or-treating this Zombie Girl is far from being sweet and innocent!
On Sale
This Halloween be a dead punker!

This classic Phantom will be the life of the party!
Release the Zombie Ninja spirit within you!
This Zombie Hunter had a lot of work to go this Halloween!
On Sale
This brave Zombie Hunter is ready to celebrate Halloween!
Terrifying cut off heads that are so realistic, they will make you squeamish just looking at them.

If you take this girl to prom she'll show you a deadly time!
He's awaken to take his prize!
On Sale
Straight out of a cold, damp grave this Skeleton-Zombie has come to celebrate Halloween!
This Zombie Doctor terrifies all of his patients!
This Zombie Doctor is ready for surgery!

I wouldn't trust this Zombie Surgeon if I were you!
Even the living dead can use some makeup!
On Sale
Celebrate Halloween with the proper Scary Costume and have fun watching your friends scream when they see you!
Be a the scariest Zombie anyone has ever seen!
This horrifying creature includes: eating brains, attacking humans, and limping!

This Awful Zombie will scare the hell out of your friends!
Hobbies include eating brains, attacking humans, and limping!
Now you can terrify your friends with this Bone-chilling Scary Halloween Costume that lights up!
This Makeup Kit will make you look like a real Zombie!
This Prom Queen is literally drop dead gorgeous.

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Zombie Costume - Have you heard that Humans become hungry for flesh post mortem? It’s true, at least according to Zombie legend. If you are a fan of Zombie Horror, you know that there are different ways in which humans can become Zombies. One way is the classic evil curse that raises the dead from their graves with a hunger from living brains and they will stop at nothing to get the delicacy they seek. A more modern cause of Zombie transformation is the viral outbreak that sends the living into an uncontrollable illness that leads to death; a few moments after death, the virus causes corpses to come back to life with a strong desire to consume human flesh.

The previously mentioned causes for Zombie-ism are popular in Science Fiction and Horror Movies but there is only one true way for humans to become the Living Dead: Zombie Costumes. Hopefully you were not expecting something straight out of a Horror Film; it’s true that Zombie Costumes are not as thrilling as The Walking Dead but when Halloween time comes, a good Zombie Outfit can be just as terrifying.

Dress in a Zombie Costume and Accessorize your Undead look with Zombie Make-Up Kits, Horrific Masks, Wigs, Open Flesh Wound Tattoos, Zombie Props or anything else that will get your creativity involve in the process of making the most gruesome Zombie Costume ever. Simulate the look of rotting flesh with Artificial Limbs and wear the right Zombie Outfit. Some good suggestions are the “Doctor Scary” Zombie Costume, the “Rotted Zombie Costume” or the “Zombie School Girl” Outfit. Enjoy your Halloween!

Video: How to Create Zombie Look

Create the Perfect Zombie Look to complete your with Zombie Costume.

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