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Goul Costumes

The sole goal of the Ghoul is to terrify. Ghoul Costumes are the darkest and most sinister-looking. Most Ghoul Costumes consist of completely covered, head-to-toe ensembles with scary, full head, LED-lighted-eye masks, and long, black robes. Other words for Ghoul Costumes for your searches can be Grim Reaper, Grave Robber, Bogeyman, Fiend, Evil Spirit and Demon. For ghoul-related costumes, the most macabre, the better. Let’s take a peek to your choices for kids, men and women: Creepy Ghoul Kids Costume features long black robe, hooded mask, a tattered overcoat and gloves. Howling Horror Kids Costume includes long, black, pin-striped hooded robe with jagged edged sleeves, matching waist tie and scary Scream-style mask with red under-eye shadows. Demon of War Black Kids Costume features long, black robe with tattered sleeves, black hood with attached horns and face cover, LED-purple-lighted demon eyes, and a matching purple-jeweled medallion. Reaper Kids Costume includes hooded cape with shredded gauze attached, robe, chest piece and red-LED eyes. Glow Away Grim Reaper Kids Costume includes a black hooded robe with zigzag hem, glow-in-the-dark skull-print neck insert and a green skull mask with glowing eyes.

Grave Robber Adult Costume includes ripped, gray jacket held together with a skull button, skeleton-print Dickie, detachable gauze strips, gauze scarf, gray top hat and a terrifying skull mask. Grave Ghoul Adult Costume features a creepy ghoul robe, hooded mask, a tattered overcoat and gloves.

For girls and women, Forsaken Souls Kids or Adult Costume includes an A-line, hooded black dress with scary ghost designs on the sleeves and bottom of the skirt. Accessories include but are not limited to ghoul hand gloves, open-menacing-teeth-mouth, ghoul masks, knives, swords, shovels, scythes and AA batteries (for LED eyes). You will be on the “Best-Dressed” list this Halloween wearing Ghoul Costumes.