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s for kids & adults - Halloween Costumes - Go to the Far Far Away Kingdom and be a lovely ogress princess in one of Fiona outfits! Fiona costume & costume accessory for kids and adults at bargain prices plus several kids Halloween costumes, deluxe costumes and the must have Fiona wigs to make a real life little ogress growl of happiness! We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
Join the crew from Shrek on their many adventures this Halloween!
Swing your braid around and kick some villain behind!
Your little one will lead the ogre revolution in style!
This enchanting ogre is never ugly.
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Fiona might be a princess but she has warrior courage and strength!

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Take a journey to The Kingdom of Far Far Away.
Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess who awaited her Ogre!
Fiona's is in the castle waiting patiently for her rescuer and for true loves 1st kiss to break her spell.
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Shrek Costumes from Adult. She's the most beautiful ogre!
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Complete your fairytale costume.

Defend your fellow ogres with this sword!

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Fiona Costume - Princess Fiona is the female lead character in the Shrek film series. Fiona is a princess that used to turn into an ogre at sunset and then every morning with the sunlight she turned back into a human. In the first movie Fiona appears eager to marry Lord Farquaad to break the spell by receiving a true love’s kiss but the truth is that she is in love with Shrek, with whom she gets married and starts her own family. This story is magical and different from the rest of the movies you may be used to watch where the stunning princess is rescued by the handsome prince charming in a big white horse. Shrek brings a fun twist to fairy tales and communicates a big life lesson to its viewers. The message Shrek sends is that we must not judge others by the way they look, we must see beyond their appearance and into their inner beauty.

If your girl is spellbound by Shrek’s Fiona, she can now go to the Far, Far Away Kingdom and be a lovely ogress princess in a wonderful Fiona outfit! We have Fiona costumes for girls and also for women; deluxe costumes and the must have wigs to make a real life little ogress growl of happiness! Official licensed costumes will make you look just like the movie character; the Princess Fiona Deluxe Costume is a beautiful long green gown that comes with the tiara and the ogre ears. This deluxe outfit is available for girls and for women. Fiona’s hair color and style are crucial when dressing up as this movie character. Pair your Fiona outfit with one of the Fiona Wigs available. Be this ogre everybody loves!

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