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- Dancewear, Dress & Outfit for Kids & Adults - Save on Dance Costumes, Dancewear, Dance Outfits and Dance Dresses for Kids & Adults. Multicolor, diverse textures and patterns will give you the liberty to express yourself with the perfect dance outfit. Opt one of hundreds of dance costume genres, such as the classic Ballerina Costume, Belly Dancer costume, Disco outfits, Rap costumes and Rock costumes. Select classical Spanish dance costumes, such as Flamenco outfits, Salsa outfits and Mexican Senorita costumes. Find the ideal Leotard and Bodysuit to complete your look. We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
New for Halloween 2014
Unleash your inner party animal for your next upcoming rave event or club outing with this fun and flirty Zebra Halter Dress.
Get ready to have the spotlight on you all night!
This sexy club girl is ready to go to Ultra!
Let's do sit ups! Now crunches, come on get up and let's workout!
This adorable Hula Girl just flew down from Hawaii now she wants to show you how to Hula too!

Join this cutie on the dance floor!
Become the sexiest stripper to ever wear a G-String!
Be ready for the Magic Carpet ride of your life wearing this Jasmine-inspired design!
Bring all of the Arabian mystique alive with this head-turning costume!
This gorgeous light up dress is sure to set the stage bright!

This beautiful Barbie outfit is perfect for cheerleading!
This beautiful dress is perfect for your first dance with your daddy!
Hello, beautiful princess in yellow!
This dancing beauty is ready to dance all night!
Show them what you've got girly!

She will enchant you with her exotic dance moves.
Take your passion and make it happen with this outfit!
Hoist the colors, this little Ballerina is a treasure all to herself.
This sexy genie will grant all of your wishes
This sexy princess will make you sweat in the desert heat!

This lovely rainbow will follow you!
This beautiful dress is colorful just like your personality!
Now you can be your favorite princess!
On Sale
Now your little princess can look the part in this beautiful dress!
This beautiful dress is ready for all your dance moves!

On Sale
Now you can wear this beautiful dress to go out dancing!
You’ll feel like a gorgeous princess from a fairytale.
A lovely dress for a lovely gal ready to hit the dance floor!
On Sale
It's time to put on a fabulous show!

On Sale
Ole! Let's put those dancing feet to work!
On Sale
Twirl around in this sweet little ballerina costume!
Become the genie that every man dreams of.
On Sale
A new and sexy modern version of the original Can Can Costumes!

This cheerleader is here to bring you down not up!
This sexy gal is ready for two weekends of Ultra!
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let your hair down in this charming costume!
On Sale
A pink rose bloom to become a ballerina in an enchanted house filled with love.
She loves her fruits and her cha cha music!

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Dance Costumes - How long has it been since you have danced? How long has it been since you have worn a costume? You’ll probably be dancing at your next event, birthday or Halloween party anyway, so why not combine the two concepts and make the absolute most of it? We have dance costumes for Adults, Teens, Kids and even pets. If you’re a Dancing with the Stars fan, you’ll probably opt from one of our hundreds of dance costume genres to capture the mood you want.

Dance is a very broad subject, but you can narrow it down a little. Whether it is ballet you prefer, bachata, ballroom, belly or break dancing, or perhaps Can-Can, cha-cha, Charleston, conga or country-western dancing, disco, electric slide, flamenco, flash dance, hip hop, hula, hustle or Irish dancing, jazz, jitterbug, lambada, Latin, mambo, meringue, or Mexican Hat dancing, pop, reggae, rock n’ roll, rumba, salsa or Scottish square dancing, tango, tap, troika, twist, two-step or waltz dancing, just remember you should wear the adequate costume for all of the above rhythms.

Your dance moves will glitter and sparkle and the fringes and ruffles will look great in motion. Multicolor, diverse textures and patterns will all give you the liberty to express yourself. Whether it’s the rhythm of the islands or a time-travel visit back to the jazz or rock n’ roll eras, you will be wearing the appropriate dance attire and footwear to have fun and impress others. Celebrate in fashion-style and passion. Whether you’re dancing solo, with a partner or in a choreographed group, comfortable bodysuits and key accessories will enhance the music being played.

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