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for kids & adults - Cheerleader Halloween Costumes - Cheerleader costumes & cheerleader costume accessory for kids and adults at bargain prices. Popular T.V. Show and Movie cheerleader outfits perfect for Halloween, Costumes Parties, Plays or just everyday life. We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
Be a classic cheerleader or a Zombie Cheerleader! With this outfit you will have 2 costumes in 1!
This beautiful Barbie outfit is perfect for cheerleading!
This little cheerleader is ready to cheer for her team!
Time to cheer for your favorite movie high school- Rydell High!
Show the world your team spirit by being a Lakers Cheerleader!

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Who says cheerleaders have to be cheery? They can rock it too!
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Get dressed up as a glee club rival, the McKinley High Cheerios!
The old time favorite Disney character and the cutest mouse in the world is of course, Minnie!
Grab your pom-poms and start cheering and dancing with this exciting dress that will hold your hopes up!
Go Team! Are you a Spartan fan- If you are, then here dress up as their cheerleader and show your spirit.

This amazing cheer costume is perfect for any football game!
The perfect accessory to complement your Dallas cheerleader costume.
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Join one of the greatest cheer squads!
Go Team! Are you a Spartan fan? If you are, then here dress up as their cheerleader and show your spirit.
This cheerleader is here to bring you down not up!

This great cheer dress is perfect to get the crowd cheering!
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Go Team! Do you have that playful and spirited enthusiasms?

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Cheerleader costume - Join a cheerleading team to produce Halloween Cheers! Whether you want to dress up as a classic high school living cutie or become part of a deadly Zombie Cheer Squad, you will find all sorts of unique and popular cheerleading outfits for all ages. We feature Grease’s Rydell High Chearleader costumes, traditional varsity cheerleaders, sexy cheerleaders, Barbie doll Cheerleader, Patriotic ones, Gothic, plus size and even more cheerleader costumes! Stumble (pun intended) into some of the most popular and fun cheer outfits.

In this great selection we even have the hilarious Saturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleader costumes. These timeless characters were popularized by Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri when they were part of the SNL cast in the 1990s. The characters were such a huge hit that they continued to be portrayed by different cast members after Ferrell and Oteri left the show. Other cheerleader Costumes from popular movies and television shows such as Grease and Glee can be found here. You can even dress up as a real NBA cheerleader from the Los Angeles Lakers or the Champion Miami Heat.

Cheerleading is highly athletic sport and it should be commended and admired for the high level of skill and talent that is required to participate even in the lightest stunts. The best way we believe there is to recognize these impressive athletes is by dressing up like one. People dress up as fictional Superheros, why not wear a Cheerleader Costume? The have actual Super Powers. Give me “B” for Buy yours today: Hooray!

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