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Catwoman Costumes

Did you know that Catwoman's real name is Seline Kyle? Catwoman has been the Feline Femme Fatale of Gotham City underworld for many years. This Batman Movie Character made her film debut in the late 1960s in the movie "Batman", in which Lee Meriwether played the role of Catwoman; from then on we have seen different faces portraying this particular role.

Behind that black skintight bodysuit and that mysterious eye mask there is a determined and courageous woman. Catwoman is a major character of the Batman franchise known for being a seductive female burglar who dresses like a cat and carries a whip. This fictional character has been both a villain and an anti-villain throughout her appearances in different comic books and movies, and nowadays she has her own DC Comic series where she is a superhero!

As a popular character, Catwomen has appeared in several movies, comic books and TV series. You may remember Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway portraying this Gotham's sexy feline.

When you dress up in a Catwoman Outfit you will feel completely different, you will feel powerful and you will look fierce! Not many dare to wear such an imposing outfit but the ones that do look breathtaking. Catwoman Costumes will always be trending since this character happens to be a very versatile one, so no matter which Catwoman you like more, the villain or the heroine, know that you can be both! Whichever Bodysuit you decide to wear for Halloween 2014, be sure you will make a spectacular and sensual Catwoman!

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