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Wolverine Costumes

Wolverine Movie 2013

Find your Wolverine Costumes from the Movie in Kids & Adult Sizes.

Named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine the one and only Hugh Jackman, who plays the one and only Wolverine! Having won several awards from his acting career, as big fans we’d like to admit one of our favorite roles he played was definitely the superhero in the X-Men Movie, alongside Storm and Cyclops. So what is your favorite characteristic about Wolverine? His sharp retractable claws, awesome mask, his animal instincts, or his amazing hair like a wolf!

Wolverine is one of the most authentic characters there ever was, he even served our country for crying out loud. He may be a little rough around the edges, but that’s exactly how we like our heroes because they get the job done! Crazy fact about Wolverine is that one of his biggest enemies is Sabretooth his own brother! They sure put the fun in dysfunctional that’s for sure! His story spans decades as Wolverine is definitely around 125 years old, and has witnessed and experienced a lifetime of pain and anger. He later joins The Avengers where he helps his team fight crime; one of Wolverine’s best attributes is that he has an accelerated healing process! I bet you didn’t know that! He has a wide variety of skills, and knows precise pressure point, that’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Now that you’ve been inspired by his amazing ways, you can opt to be just like him too, by dressing in a Wolverine Costume. We’re excited to share with you our collection of Superhero Costumes for kids and adults where you can participate in being claw master Wolverine, and your friends and family can join you!

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