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/ Fairy Wings / Fairy Costume Accessories - Fairy tale Fairy Costumes, fairy wings and costume accessories at low prices. These storybook heroine costumes are available for kids and adults. Try bringing a little magic to your next party, school play or Halloween event. We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
Wearing a costume like this, you'll be the major attraction!
This airy and delicate design will make you the sexiest fairy of all!
A fairy making a modern fashion statement, trading pastel colors for black and dark red!
Are you a Winx Club fan?
Tinker Bell spreads magical pixie dust everywhere she goes!

Peter Pan's fairy will look mesmerizing in this costume!
Be the darling of the ball with this dashing gown!
Everyone wants this bewitching gypsy in their future.
Be the light of the party this Halloween season with this beautiful Scarlet Costume!
This costume is sure to make all the other vampires at Versailles turn their heads!

This beautiful Robin Hood will make everything even for everyone!
On Sale
The Perfect Petticoat for a girly girl who likes ribbons and ruffles.
This Party Bunny is ready for a new game!
Beautiful and strong Thor Girl is always ready for anything!
On Sale
You'll be happy to share a teepee with this Indian Hottie!

Even if it sounds tempting... Do not let her bite your neck!
On Sale
Cute, fun and sexy... this Doll is all you want to be!
On Sale
Pure evil and cruelty come together in this sexy little dress!
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Now you have the best excuse to eat all the chocolate chip cookies you want!
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The eternal American savior is here to protect you against all evil!

Lovely Alive just entered Wonderland and is up for an intriguing ride!
On Sale
This lovely ballerina is ready to hit the stage!
On Sale
A great leotard for a perfect routine!
On Sale
This leotard is great for all your dance techniques!
Basic colors to make ANY color!

Be the most beautiful princess and find your true love this Halloween!
This adorable costume will make your little one the best looking Elephant this Halloween!
This sweet fairy will steal your heart.
A very naughty Pocahontas for this Halloween!
The original snake charmer herself, look away she might turn you to stone!

Mirror, mirror who is the finest of all?
You'll be well on your way to throwing the best Alice in Wonderland costume party ever.
You can have one of the best child costumes around with this Native American Girl costume.
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Just perfect for any haunted house, scare everyone away.

This cute little bunny is perfect for Easter, Halloween or just because!
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"To Infinity... and Beyond"
Her personality is just as magnetic as the one wearing this Disney costume!
Get native and explore a new world with this sexy little Indian!
Navigate your way this Halloween!

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Fairy Costumes - Shed the fairy dust as you stroll through your party and discover a new captivating and magical self as a pixie! Our Fairy Costumes ooze mystical lore and arouse fantasy, let your child attend her school event or next fancy dress party in a gorgeous fairy outfit. You can be a wicked pixie or a generous fairy for the next Halloween Party; you are among a potpourri of choices. Allow yourself be inspired by a list of marvelous accessories to complete a wondrous fairy costume.

Fairies are known for their magic and good will, they represent the moral conscience of any story they are a part of. In Cinderella, the Fairy God mother is the one that looked after Cinderella to make sure that she would have her day of justice after being mistreated by the evil step mother and her mean step sisters. In Peter Pan, Tinker bell was the fairy that tried to sway the Adventurous Peter Pan from committing mistakes. She showed this by resisting Peter Pan whenever he wanted to go places and do things that she knew were irrational or risky. Pixies in the Fairy Tale world represent an angel in the religious world.

Try being a fairy for Halloween, there will be enough ghouls, demons, witches and superheroes running around on that Night. Shed a little light of goodness and kindness and even out into magical night. There many options of Fairy and Pixie costumes to choose from and you will likely have one of the most original costumes of the night.

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