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- Nice selection of officially licensed Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Costumes. Find Disney Princess Aurora Costumes in the classic Disney style or a sexy version of the pink princess dress. Complement your costume with crystal clear princess Shoes, a princess Wig, a tiara and a Wand, most accessories are available in kids and adults styles. We offer Guaranteed Delivery to most US Locations. Shop with confidence!
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Princess from the Disney classic movie Sleeping Beauty!
Aurora Disney Costumes - Sleeping Beauty Princess woke up and looks dazzling in this rose color Disney Costume!
This princess is waiting for one true love kiss!
Now you can be the Belle of the ball!
This one of a kind Girl Costume is worthy of royalty!

Looks like this Disney sleeping beauty has lifted her curse!
Dream away with this dazzling Sleeping Beauty dress that will take you to a fantasy world!
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Your little one will look sweet and adorable like the princess she is!
Now you can be your favorite princess!
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I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. This costume is a dream in it self!
This stunning Aurora costume makes your little princess as beautiful as Sleeping Beauty!
New for Halloween 2014
Disney Sleeping Beauty Costumes - Princess Aurora has been a victim of a zombie outbreak and has now turned into a walking dead creature!
New for Halloween 2014
Disney Sleeping Beauty Costumes - To your next Zombie Themed Party surprise your friends with a cool Zombie Princess Costume!
New for Halloween 2014
Aurora Disney Costumes - The day has come!

New for Halloween 2014
Aurora Disney Costumes - The day of your coronation has come!
New for Halloween 2014
For this Halloween, Sleeping Beauty will be wide awake and ready to have a really good time!
New for Halloween 2014
Aurora Disney Costumes - If your girl wants to be the princess from Disney's new movie: Maleficent, you have found the right costume!
Now your little one can be an actual princess in this lovely dress!
This Sexy Costume is to pretty to sleep in!

This sweet and sassy Disney Sleeping Beauty has no time to sleep!
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Aurora met her prince charming once upon a dream.
Enter Disney magical world of Princesses!

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Sleeping Beauty Costumes -

Stay awake this Halloween with a Sleeping Beauty costume! This fairy tale of a young princess named Aurora who is cursed to sleep until blessed by true love’s kiss is a classic one. Written down by the Brothers Grimm, this enchanting story then became a classic Disney movie. Animated in 1959, the movie was based on the French version of the tale by Charles Perrault and Sleeping beauty was modeled to resemble the slender features of the elegant actress Audrey Hepburn. Sleeping Beauty is one of the characters who meet and greet at the Disneyland Park and the iconic castle in Disneyland is known as the Sleeping Beauty castle.

One of the Disney princesses, Aurora is a well-loved character. Because of this, people love our selection of Sleeping Beauty costumes. This year, you can dress up as your favorite character from the movie. With the help of some fairy costumes, you and two of your friends can become the fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Aurora and Prince Phillip make great costumes for couples.

If you like your princesses a little naughty, then you may be interested in a sexy Sleeping Beauty costume. Or, you could go dressed as the evil witch, Maleficent. However, if you want something a bit more classic and less evil, then don’t worry because we have plenty of adult costumes including splendid dresses for girls and toddlers.

These officially licensed Disney costumes are great for Halloween this year or for defeating giant dragons who are actually evil witches.

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