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  • Elephant Games: A Look At Thailand's Pet Elephants

    Elephants are something of a perplexity - the world's largest land mammals are mainly a source of entertainment and diversion in the West, but what do we really know about the origins and current state of these massive marvels?

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  • 10 Images To Inspire Your Creativity This 2014

    New York Fashion Week, Sochi Olympics, Youtube makeup gurus...it looks like we're starting off the 2014 season with some excellent resources for creative inspiration. What exactly do we mean by "creative inspiration"?

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  • The Thrill of Renaissance Fairs, Winter Carnivals

    Admittedly, us hardcore Halloween fanatics often find ourselves wishing that the time for costumed revelry came about more than one evening a year, and some of us even go as far as to mark a countdown 'till Halloween!

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  • Newborn Photography: The Controversial New Trend

    First-time parents everywhere can attest: Getting to see what your baby looks like is one of the many rewards. Newborn babies are something of a marvel in that they remind us of the inescapable fragility & vulnerability of life.

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Event Calendar
  • Big Wow Comic Fest San Jose May 17 – 18

    Have a 'Meet and Greet' with your favorite Comic Book and Anime artists, Cosplayers, and producers. Dress up as your favorite popular media character and meet some of DC and Marvel Comics' biggest stars!

    Date: May-11-14

    Florida Anime Experience Orlando May 23 – 25

    Anime fans based out of Florida - you're in luck! The Florida Anime Experience is here and will feature media artists, voice actors, video game designers, guest panels, and Cosplay contests!

    Date: May-18-14
  • The Color Run (Chicago)

    The Color Run is known as the happiest 5K on the planet. This June 8th, the happiness comes to Chicago for a day adrenaline pumping fun. This will not be your typical 5K, this race celebrates your health, joy and individuality as thousands of people come together to run a 5K painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

    Date: Jun-01-14

    Zombie Run Season Apr 26-July 12

    Beware of the Zombie invasion coming to your city June 14, 2014. Legions of athletic Zombies will chase competitive humans determined not to get hunted by the flesh hungry ghouls. The super Zombies are full of life and they are ready to hunt. If you are terrified of the idea of being hunted, dress up as a Zombie and become the hunter.

    Date: Jun-07-14
Halloween Costumes 2014

2014's Trendiest Halloween Costumes have arrived at Wondercostumes.com! New year, new attitude, - and New Costumes! Browse our Catalog with ease, and check out the Hottest 2014 New Costumes and Accessories. Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, and even Pets can get a kick out of the costume action, too!

For lovers of Dress-up and all things festive, the Countdown to this year's Halloween has begun! And fortunately for us busy night-owls, 2014's October 31st lands on a Friday! All the more reason to shell out for a great Costume Bash, don't cha think?! Find Popular and Trending Costumes from this year's most Popular Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Sports Teams, Superhero Comics, Disney Movies, Fairy Tales and much more! We're bringing you Costumes, Costume Kits, and Accessories perfectly suited for all of any Costume Themed Events, such as (but certainly not limited to!): Comic-Con, Fan Conventions, Renaissance Festivals, Carnivals, Mardi Gras, Raves, Electronic Music Festivals, Florida Supercon, DragonCon, Zombie Walks, Cosplay, Steampunk, Masquerade Parties, Special Theme Parties, Group Costumes, School Plays, Throwback Parties, and Biblical Plays - just to mention a few! We proudly carry Officially-Licensed Transformers, G.I. Joe, Assassin's Creed, My Little Pony, Dreamworks Picture's Madagascar, Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland, Street Fighter, Grease, Top Gun, Duck Dynasty, Game of Thrones, NBA Sports Teams, Anime, Theatrical-Quality Cosplay, Disney Princesses, Disney's Frozen Costumes and Accessories, plus many others! At Wonder Costumes, we strive to provide you with the ideal shopping experience. Rest assured that we value your business and appreciate your confidence in us to meet your purchase expectations. Our #1 priority is that our customers enjoy a quick, easy, and hassle-free transaction.

Shop safely and effortlessly! Our user-friendly online store and our courteous and attentive customer service representatives will make sure your transaction runs smoothly and reliably. With almost a decade in the industry, Wonder Costumes has earned the reputation of being a trustworthy site committed to customer satisfaction and privacy. Our daily promotional offers and free U.S. shipping for purchases over $60 are always in place to make sure you get nothing but the very best deals! Buy with confidence and enjoy a Safe & Secure shopping experience. For your convenience, we also offer Paypal Checkout! Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please call us at 1-800-288-9916 Monday-Friday from 10 a.m-6 p.m (EST) and our customer service staff will assist you. If you prefer to communicate by e-mail, please feel free to write to us at info@wondercostumes.com and you will receive a prompt reply. For your convenience there are different shipping options for you to choose from in case you need your order by a specific day; or, there is an economic shipping alternative if you are not in a rush to receive your items. We cater to special Event Planners and Organizations including (but not limited to) Corporate Events, Schools, Religious Centers, and Fraternities/Sororities. Please click on the associated links tab for more information.

We are a company based out of the U.S. and located in the Kendall area of Miami, Florida, but we ship to most international locations and APO & FPO locations. Rest assured that no matter the situation, we're always here for our Wonder Customers!