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  •  Unicorn Mask Latex

Unicorn Latex Adult Mask Deluxe

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A little something for the dreamers...


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Unicorn Latex Adult Mask Deluxe

From Medieval poetry to hilarious modern-day spoofs, the magic of Unicorns continues to captivate! The legend states the the Unicorn was a magical creature, hunted to extinction by greedy Kings and Lords who believed that the Unicorn's horn magically cured diseases and could protect one from poison. Majestic and enigmatic, Unicorns were said to resemble horses; Albeit slightly larger, and possessing a mane and skin said to be as "white as snow". The most defining characteristic of the Unicorn, however, was it's magical forehead horn. If you're looking to embody the magic of Unicorns this Halloween, or just looking for a quirky mask, this Unicorn Latex Adult Mask Deluxe is the epitome of enchantment!

Order pack brings: A realistic-looking latex unicorn deluxe mask for adults. Gold glitter detail on horn. Pull-over construction.

Allergy information: Made out of latex.

One size, fits most adults.

Hand-wash only. Stuff with paper to maintain form.

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